07 June 2016


Bringing this blog back from the dead? Perhaps... I'm a Gothic tattooed fatty who has the problem of covering all my tattoos every day for work. This presents some interesting challenges, especially in the hot KY summers. Long sleeves, high necks, covered legs and feet...these are my daily requirements. Some days I feel cute and successful. Other days I feel awkward and disjointed. Occasionally I am totally "phoning it in". OH, I also can only wear jeans on Fridays. All these parameters lead to some interesting fashion choices and outfit combinations. I thought I'd try to share some of these and maybe someone out there in this great wide world has a similar situation and we can commiserate.

24 August 2011

23 August 2011


Mobile blogging? Yes, please!

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01 September 2009


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This dress would look so much better with a belt. I think I have a red one that would work. I "slept in" this morning and got dressed in a hurry again so I nixed accessories. These boots are beautiful but murdered me. I'm sticking to my rule of little to no heels at work. Ouchie.

Dress: Lane Bryant
Tights: We Love Colors
Boots: Gift from Mum
Tattoos: The best accessory ever...you can't forget them at home!

31 August 2009


A hum-drum outfit for a hum-drum day. I thought I'd experiment with black and brown together as it's something I'd had the mindset just didn't go together. Wrong. I rather like it now.

Shirt, Cami & Pants- Lane Bryant
MJs- Doc Martens
Recycled leather cuff- local incense/jewelry/water pipe shop

28 August 2009


It's painfully mainstream tattoo garbage but I had to have it. It's so goofy I love it.

leppy flats
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It was "Dressy Jeans" day at school...so i took it literally and wore both. The secretaries got a kick out of it.

Jeans- LB Right Fit Blue
Dress- Lane Bryant (Last summer)
Belt- Lane Bryant
Satin Leopard Print Flats- Mossimo
Feathered headband and Tattoo Cuff Watch- Hell-Mart

27 August 2009


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I overslept by an hour this morning. Stupid alarm. >.< Sooo...I grabbed whatever was handy that I hadn't already worn this week (save the trousers). I love this shirt; it has little metallic threads runnign through the fabric and cute little puff sleeves with sparkly buttons. Unfortunately I have to cover some of my tattoos so the cardigan is a necessity. It's the same as the teal one I wore earlier this week. A little shapeless but it's got some nice details.

Cardigan: Mossimo
Shirt and trousers: Lane Bryant
Fave MJs: Doc Martens

26 August 2009


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I finally got my hair cut today, hence the extra poofiness.
I've had this dress since January and only worn it twice. Not sure why...it's super comfy and fits relatively well. *shrugs* I'll be keeping it in a higher rotation since I got so many compliments on it at work. ^_^

Dress- Chelsea Studio
Belt- Gift
Tights- We Love Colors
MJs- Doc Martens

25 August 2009


flower brooch
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I got approval to wear my denim trousers to work! Woo-hoo! My school has a no-jeans policy for staff/teachers but I was relieved to find out that these are okay to wear. So comfy and great for crawling around under tables after wires and cables.
This blouse had an issue when I bought it but I quickly remedied it with a brooch. The self-ties do not like to stay in place in the slide without the brooch pinning them together. It's a nice little decorative touch that is functional too.

Denim Trousers- Lane Bryant
MJs- Doc Martens
Adorable Fluffbutt- Freyja Mouse